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Gotta Catch Em All Submission Post

Hi guys! Here is the place to submit your art for the Gotta Catch Em All Challenge!

You should have a record of your claimed categories/characters on the Claims Post!

For each character you claimed, you can make one of the following:
Icon or Character Sigtag (Character name, fake team name) = 10 points
Tumblr Graphics (540x500-800), Bookmarks (300x800), or Picspams (min of 6 images) = 15 points
Wallpapers = 20 points

Obviously picking the larger art gets us more points, but feel free to make whatever you desire!

Please leave your art under the corresponding category banner below! So, if you've picked a law enforcement character, leave the art for them under the banner 'House of Law'. Make sure to include their name with your art! This will help us keep track of which categories are filling up! One character per comment please!

We also have a wonderful spreadsheet thanks to Sandy which we will be updating!
Neal Peter badges

Big Bang Submission Post

Hi guys! Here is where you submit your art for our team challenge!

Your assignments are here.

Hopefully we will have 50 pieces of art by Dec 17th!

NOTE: You do NOT have to also submit at the challenge post.

SECOND NOTE: You DO need to use a sigtag HERE ON THIS POST for an extra point!

THIRD NOTE: Please use the table below when commenting.